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employees talking to employer in workplaceWe are committed to helping clients of all backgrounds navigate complicated employment law matters. We know that reporting misconduct and taking action against an employer or a fellow employee can be challenging, especially if you are afraid of losing your job or experiencing other forms of retaliation. We are here to help you enforce your labor rights and explore all your options for pursuing full remedies for the mistreatment you experienced in the workplace.

Have you been the victim of a labor code violation? Whether you were denied wages, experienced sexual harassment, or were treated unfairly based on your gender or religious background, you may have grounds to pursue an employment law claim.

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Types of Employment Law Cases We Handle

Our employment lawyers in Los Angeles devise customized legal strategies that are tailored to our clients' specific case needs. We make it our top priority to help each of our clients pursue justice and maximum compensation. You can count on us to stand in your corner each step of the way.

Contact our law office in Los Angeles today if you need to take legal action over the following employment law matters:

  • Covid-19 Leave Retaliation: It is illegal for employers to terminate your employment for taking a leave because you and/or a member of your family contracted Covid-19. We have successfully obtained reinstatements and just compensation for employees terminated for taking Covid-19 Leaves.
  • Wrongful Termination: The law protects employees who are wrongfully terminated for reporting a safety violation, requesting a reasonable accommodation, or reporting discrimination in the workplace. We have represented multiple employees against large corporations and public entities for wrongful termination
  • Whistleblower Retaliation: Safety Always First! Employers often cut corners on safety to increase their profits. Employees who complain about safety violations are illegally terminated and retaliated against. We know that the contributions whistleblowers make to workers’ rights and the public’s interests are invaluable. We represent whistleblowers against large corporations and public entities to stop the unsafe conduct and obtain just compensation for our clients.
  • Start-Up Employees: The California Labor Code requires all employees to be compensated for all hours an employer suffers or permits those employees to work. We have successfully negotiated compensation for start-up employees as well as advised start-up employees on their contracts for equity and compensation.
  • Discrimination: It is illegal to treat employees differently or unfairly because of their physical and/or mental disability, race, gender, disability, religion, age, or national origin. We have successfully obtained just compensation for employees discriminated against because of a protected category.
  • Disability Discrimination - Failure to Engage in the Interactive Process or Provide Reasonable Accommodation: Under California law, employers have a duty to engage in a good faith interactive process and provide reasonable accommodation to employees with mental and/or physical disabilities. We help employees when they face employers who fail to engage in the interactive process and fail to provide a reasonable accommodation to them.
  • Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination is complicated because it is subtle. However, both men and women can be discriminated against when they are passed over for promotions, growth opportunities, or other perks of the job based on their gender. We have successfully litigated against large corporations and public entities, and we can help you understand gender discrimination and provide you with the insight you need to better navigate the workplace.
  • Racial Discrimination: We successfully advise and litigate on behalf of employees discriminated against on the basis of their race. Racial discrimination is prevalent within large corporations and public entities. Racial discrimination exists when an employer treats an employee less favorably because of the employee’s race. California law and federal law outlaws such conduct.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: Pregnancy discrimination exists when an employer treats a pregnant employee less favorably upon learning about the employee’s pregnancy. California law provides various forms of accommodations and leaves to pregnant employees. We have successfully helped employees when their employers refused to provide them with accommodation or refused to return them back to their prior positions
  • Religious Discrimination: When an employee has a sincerely held religious belief, and said religious belief conflicts with a job requirement, and the employer does not explore available reasonable alternatives of accommodating the employee, the employee can make a claim against the employer to enforce the California law that provides for said accommodation.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Under California law, employers are not allowed to treat employees differently because of their sexual orientation. We have helped employees who were mistreated because of their sexual orientation.
  • Equal Pay: All humans are created equal and must be compensated equally. Under California law, an employer must compensate equally all employees doing the same work: This means that men and women doing the same work must earn the same pay, similarly, employees of all backgrounds must earn the same compensation for the work done. California law awards three times the damages to employees.
  • Harassment: It is never okay to be harassed at work. Under California Law, an employer must protect all employees, including contract workers, applicants, unpaid interns, and volunteers, from verbal and physical harassment. An employer may also be responsible for the acts of nonemployees, with respect to sexual harassment. There are two types of harassment under the law: hostile work environment and quid pro quo harassment. An example of Quid Pro Quo harassment: a supervisor asks a subordinate for a sexual act and/or favors in exchange for a job benefit. Hostile work environment is sexual harassment when a similarly situated woman would be offended by the conduct in the workplace. Employees have the right to report any form of harassment to their employers. Employers have a duty to investigate and prevent harassment in the workplace.
  • Lactation Accommodation: Employers must accommodate lactating employees by providing a reasonable amount of break time to any employee who desires to express breast milk for the employee’s child each time an employee requests the accommodation. Employers cannot retaliate against employees for requesting this accommodation.
  • Wage and Hour Violations: Unscrupulous employers sometimes take advantage of their employees by using various tactics to avoid paying minimum wage and overtime. If you are not compensated for all hours that you work, then please contact our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles so we can help you seek fair compensation.
  • Overtime Wage Violations: Absent very strict exceptions, every employee is entitled to overtime wage compensation. Overtime wage compensation includes time and a half for the ninth through twelfth hours, and double the wages for any hour worked after the twelfth hour.
  • Minimum Wage Violations: California Minimum Wage laws are strict and afford for liquidated damages. We have helped multiple employees recover unpaid minimum wages, liquidated damages which is double of the unpaid minimum wage, interest and penalties. We represent employees of all backgrounds, against small, medium, or large size companies. All employees deserve to be paid minimum wage and we help them recover every dollar owed to them.
  • Unpaid Overtime Wages to Salespersons: It is not often that salespersons are exempt from overtime wage compensation. Many employers pay employees salary wages, and fail to properly compensate the employees for overtime wages. Salespersons are exempt from overtime compensation when they work as outside salesperson or inside sales when more than half (1/2) of that employee’s compensation represents commissions.
  • Sexual Harassment: Our compassionate legal team understands that it can be difficult for individuals who have experienced sexual harassment at work to cope with their trauma and various job repercussions. If you are afraid to speak up about sexual harassment at work, we can help you navigate the workplace to ensure the harassment stops and the perpetrators are held accountable.

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Employment Law FAQ

What does an employment lawyer do?

A typical employment lawyer can represent either the employee or the employer. At Stephan Filip, we specialize in representing employees who have suffered due to employment law violations. This can include a variety of different services:

  • We can help you file a complaint with the California Labor Board

  • We can help you understand your rights as an employee and determine whether or not they have been violated

  • We can represent you in court if you choose to pursue a private lawsuit against the offending employer

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that employees are treated fairly and are able to work in safe, harassment-free work environments. We also seek to right any wrongs that you as an employee may have experienced at the hands of your employer.

How do you file a labor complaint in California?

In most cases you will need to file an official complaint with the California Labor Commissioner’s office before you are able to pursue a private lawsuit against your employer. In order to report a labor law violation you can do any of the following:

  1. Fill out their online Labor Law Violation Report

  2. Download and print the Labor Law Violation Report, fill it out, and then mail it to the nearest Labor Commissioner’s office

After your report has been filed, your workplace may be subjected to a workplace investigation by the Labor Commissioner’s office.

What is the workplace investigation process?

During the workplace investigation process, labor investigators will visit your office and speak with both employers and other employees to get a sense of how things are run. Employees may be interviewed at a separate location so that they don’t have to fear employer retaliation. If it’s determined that your employer violated employment labor laws they may be issued a citation and will be required to fix the issue. In cases of wage law violations, you may also be compensated for any unpaid wages.

If you have been the victim of a workplace labor violation, reach out to Stephan Filip today for a free initial consultation by calling (323) 433-6715.

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